Get Better Feel Around The Greens

Tim Conaway

Tim Conaway

Owner & Director of Instruction, Conaway Golf Academy

When we’re working on our short game, we need to identify what we’re trying to do in our practice session. When you want to work on a skill, you are encompassing all the techniques and applying them in various forms to match certain situations.

A great drill to work on your short game is the ladder drill. Set up on the green and place alignment rods so that they’re spaced out about three to four feet from each other. We’re going to try to land the ball within each rod with the same golf club, changing the trajectory and changing the shot shape just a little bit. This is going to give you a better feel, better touch, and better distance control.

By focusing on this game-like training condition in your practice, when you get on the golf course you’re going to be able to make the correct decision and apply the correct sequence through the shot so you can get your distance control dialed in.