4 Keys To Perfect Fairway Bunker Shots

Chris Mayson

Chris Mayson

PGA / LPGA Tour Coach, Golf Digest Best in California, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America

Fairway bunkers can be so difficult for so many people and it doesn’t have to be. With just a few key setup changes and a little bit of a philosophy change, you can be striping those fairway bunkers out.

You’re going to want to grip down an inch on the club from where you normally grip it. Instead of the ball being 3 inches inside your left heel, have it right in the middle of your stance. Look at the front edge of the golf ball, this will help you make contact.

Imagine you’re standing on a pane of glass. You don’t want to come in too steep and smash the glass. You also don’t want to swing too hard because you’ll slip all over the glass. Swing smooth, sweep the ball off the top of the glass, the sand, and look at the front edge of the ball. This will get you really nice contact every time.