Get Maximum Distance Out Of Your Driver

Mark Blackburn

Mark Blackburn

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine Top-100, Golf Digest Top-50 in America, No. 1 in Alabama

Setting up for the driver, we want to try and maximize our carry distance and optimize our launch condition.

So, a few things we’re going to focus on, number one we want the ball up in our arc. That’s going to allow us to hit up on the ball. That’s really important for maximizing our carry distance. So, when we set up, we’re going to make a little V with our feet and we’re just going to drop our trail foot backwards. That’s going to give us a very forward ball position but optimize the attack angle coming into impact.

Secondly, we’re going to get a little bit of tilt. We’re going to have our lead hip a little bit higher than our trail hip. That’ll give us a little bit of tilt with our torso. From there we’re in a really nice powerful position to be able to get loaded into our trailside in the backswing and provided a very positive angle of attack and a really nice launch condition.