Get More Mobility In Your Swing

Let’s work on that shoulder mobility, thoracic spine mobility, and those lat and rib cage muscles that can limit your mobility. You’re going to need something to put between your knees, like a ball, to make sure that your knees stay together throughout this movement. I also recommend an iron. This mobility routine only takes about 5 minutes to do and you can do it multiple times throughout your day and your round.

You’re going to sit tall and rotate as far as you can to your left and then you’re going to come back to center. Then you’re going to turn again as far as you can and you’re going to take a deep breath in, let the breath out, and drop your shoulder down as far as you can. Make sure you are keeping those knees straight. Hold it for about 3 seconds, come back to center, and do this two more times.

I guarantee you’ll pick up at least 10 degrees of range of motion. When you finish the left side, do the same thing to your right side. Do this right before your round and then throughout your round as you go and it’s going to help you to get a little bit more shoulder turn in your golf swing.