Get More Stability In Your Glutes And Core

Stability is keeping your body from moving too much. The glutes are the biggest stabilizer in the lower body along with the core. Here are two exercises that are going to work your glutes and your core.

Lay down on your back and perform a pelvic tilt.  If you watch the strings in my pants, we’re going to try and take the strings towards my chin by lifting my butt slightly off the ground, pushing my back into the ground. From here I’m going to push the strings away from my chin by arching my back so I could get my hand underneath my lower back if I needed to. Come back same position going towards the chin and hold the butt squeeze. I’m pushing through my heels and squeezing the glutes and lift as long as you’re feeling that in your butt cheeks. Hold it for 60 seconds. Do three sets of this.

If you start to feel it more in your lower back or you start to feel it in the back of your leg, just go leg straight and squeeze the butt cheeks and hold from there.

In the next exercise for the core, we’re just going to raise the legs up, pull the lower back flat, and put our arms up. Drop your arm and your opposite leg at the same time, not touching the ground. The biggest thing here is keeping that back flat. Do each side 10 times.