Golf Schools And Summer Lessons At TPC Toronto

With the season around the corner, registration for Golf Schools at TPC Toronto have started! 

2020 was a booming year for golf and the feedback from the hundreds of players through the schools was tremendous. From “I had my career low round the week after my lesson” to “I’ve never hit the ball better in my life and now I know where it’s going!”  

The Schools are 4 hours long and limited to 4 players to ensure that everyone received the individual attention that their swing deserves. This isn’t a blanket approach – it’s the info and feels that you need to hit the ball better, right now. This isn’t 1 step forward and 2 steps back, which might be the case for one hour lessons. This is an approach called Layering, in which we work on fixing the contact first and speed it up to follow. We hit all the clubs in your bag and ensure it works for the driver the same way it works for an 8 iron. 

On the shorter side, some of the 4 hour schools are dedicated to short game, where we learn 5-6 shots around the green and from the sand and then get on the green to discuss green reading and distance control – the 2 things necessary to avoid 3 putts and make some of those short ones for birdie or par. 

TPC Toronto has a dual driving range and our space is abundant.  The Golf Schools are held in the morning and afternoons on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday’s, from 830am -1230pm  and 1pm – 5pm. We’ll use video to ensure you see what you’re doing and the changes we make as well as a great before and after image. I encourage players to bring a notepad as a reminder of the keys and cues we’ve discussed that day. 

I am also offering individual 90 minute putting lessons on Sunday May 2nd, May 30th, June 13th, and July 11 where we’ll go through a full aim bias test, stroke diagnosis and find the right way for you to see your line and hit it, the whole way to the hole. 

For information or questions about the Golf Schools or Putting Lessons, please email

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