Good, Better And Best For Fried-Egg Bunker Shots

Shawn Cox

Shawn Cox

SwingU Master Faculty, #1 Teacher In Southern California

You’ve got yourself one of the worst shots in golf, the fried egg, so your ball landed in the bunker and you have to get it out. Here are three ways to do this.

The “good” way to do this is to close the clubface. That’ll help the club get underneath the ball. The ball barely gets over the lip.

The “better” way is to get some loft. Put more weight on your front foot and match your body with your swing to increase your attack angle. The ball popped out a little bit higher, is going to roll a little bit less, and go a little bit shorter.

The “best” scenario not many people know about, is a recoil shot. Set up with loft, come down to impact, hit the sand. and recall the club back. That ball will be even softer. It will clear the lip and won’t roll out. 

When you have a closer flag, give it some loft and recoil it to give it that softness that it needs to end up next to the pin.