Grow Your Social Media Following

The most common question about social media is “how do I get more followers?” There is not one right answer, however, there are some strategies that will help you get your name out there. Platforms like Instagram provide you with many tools that make it easier to be discovered. Quickly using a hashtag or location tag on your post can dramatically increase the reach of your picture.

There are many benefits to having a large audience on social media. The most obvious benefit is that more people will see your posts, making your marketing efforts more effective. Your brand will be the first thing people think of when they hear about golf. In turn, this will lead to more conversations about your services and drive more sales. 

There are many ways to make yourself stand out from your competitors on social media. Using a location tag is a great place to start. You can tag the course you played at, or the facility you train at so when people search for them, your pictures and videos will appear. Tagging the location of a large event, like a golf tournament, that you attend will have a greater impact since more people are likely to search for it.

Hashtags are another important feature that is easy to use. You can put them in your description to add your post to a larger conversation of a topic. Using a branded hashtag can help to promote your business and start more conversations.

Tagging your audience in posts is a great way to gain exposure to new potential followers on social media. When people view a profile, they are able to see all of the posts that person has been tagged in, including yours. People are also more likely to re-share posts they are tagged in on their stories. Asking people to tag your page can be beneficial as well. The audience from the page that tags you will now see your name appear on those posts. 

Using these features is simple and can be done on any Instagram post. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to enhance your posts and start gaining more followers!

To use location and profile tags:

  1. Click on your profile picture that has a “+” on it from either your homepage or profile page.
  2. Take a video or photo from the camera screen that pops up (you can also upload an image by selecting the “recent” icon in the bottom left corner).
  3. Click on the buttons that say “Tag People” and “Add Location”
  4. Click the button at the top right corner to share your post