Hit A Low Draw With Your Irons

Gary Gilchrist

Gary Gilchrist

Head Coach, Golf Digest Top 50 in America, Golf Magazine Top 100 in America

I’m going to tell you how to hit a low draw. And a lot of times, you get caught that you have to hit the ball out to the right hit a low and run it onto the green because you’re behind a tree.

So this is a simple way how to set up for the shot. First of all, I close the face and then grip the club. So you can see now my clubface is totally closed. And now when I set up, I’m going to aim right of my target. I’m going to put the ball back in my stance, this is going to allow the club to go inside, inside to out.

Now the biggest thing that you need to realize is as you get into the ball, the right hand is going to take over and release the club and keep the face shut through impact and swing low, which will keep the ball low and left.

Also, when I set up to the ball, I want to have my weight on my left side. And so my spine angle is not tilted too far back behind. It’s pretty much in front and you can see when I get into the ball, my hands will lead, keeping the clubface shut so let me demonstrate for you right here.

So depending how much you want to hook the ball or draw the ball, you shut the face. If you only want to have a slight draw, the face is slightly closed. If you want to have a very quick duck hook, you shut the face even more.

So remember, wider stance wait left, ball back, hands forward and keep the club low and release your right hand over. You’re gonna see the ball go low and draw nicely onto the green.