Hit It Solid Out Of A Fairway Bunker

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine & Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers

How do you play a fairway bunker shot to make sure the divots in front of the ball?

Too many people struggle when the balls sitting in the sand and it’s not perched up in the air. Their instinct is to try and get the ball in the air. And the more I try and get the ball in the air, the more the bottom of the swing starts occurring back behind it.

What I want to do is I actually want to aim a little to the right of my target, and I want to feel like I’m going to pull the ball back online, because the more I can swing to the left, or out-to-in, the more I can get the bottom of the swing forward.

Now that will probably hit the ball a little bit lower. You just got to make sure you’ve taken into account the lip. But the last thing I want to do is try to hit a high shot out of a bunker because there is a good chance I’m going to fat and thin.

Another one is if you aim left where you have to swing to the right, you’re going to hit that sand behind the ball.  So aim to the right and try and hit the ball left of your aim.