Hit Offspeed Wedges Closer To The Hole

Jason Baile

Jason Baile

Director of Instruction, Jupiter Hills Club; Golf Magazine Top 100; Golf Digest Best in Florida

I’m Jason Baile, Director of Instruction here at Jupiter Hills, got Davis Lamb here. We’re gonna talk a little bit about offspeed wedges.

Davis full 58° goes how far carry for you? 95 yards. So 95 yards full carry in a full swing for Davis. So we’re going to develop some off speed shots off of that.

Davis, let’s go, show me full backswing first, no hit on this one. Full backswing brings his arm up there to about 11 o’clock. So I’m going to give you a nine o’clock, left arm parallel to the ground feel. We’re going to keep the speed up with the body, and we’re gonna see what we carry that.

So with left arm parallel, we had a 74-yard carry. So let’s go now 7:30. So let’s show me nine o’clock again. Yep, nine o’clock there, we’re gonna go just about waist high with the grip. Keep the body speed up. And let’s see where we carry that.

62-yard carry. So we went 95 full, nine o’clock about 74 and about 7:30 was about 62 or so. So now we’ve got three different places that we can hit those off speed wedge shots from.

If you struggle with off speed wedge shots, just remember if we’re going to shorten up the golf swing a little bit, we still got to keep the body rotation the same. So we’ve got a full, a nine o’clock and a 7:30 with the same body rotation.