Hit Quality Bunker Shots With Your Sand Wedge

Stan Utley

Stan Utley

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Digest Top 50 in America

In order to hit quality bunker shots, we almost always choose our sand wedge and it’s important that we know how to use our sand wedge in terms of the way the club is engineered and designed.

We need to use the back edge of the sand wedge to skid the sand. If you go back and you hood the face, the lead edge is close to the ground and the bounce edges up and the face is down.

If you want to hit good bunker shots, you want to let the face roll more towards the sky. Then it will bounce down instead of up and that’s in position to land your club in the sand and pitch it high in the air.

If you simply enter the wrist straight up, you notice both wrists will come up. People that hood it goes back and the left wrist bows, and the right wrist set but if you’re going to roll the face more open you would take it back, your left wrist would cup in the backswing. Your right wrist would still hinge up but when this left risk cups, the face is open. If I roll my left wrist and bow at the face turned down that’s not going to his high so I’m going to set up here cut my left wrist.