Hit Wedge Shots Like Zach Johnson

Mark Blackburn

Mark Blackburn

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine Top-100, Golf Digest Top-50 in America, No. 1 in Alabama

To get a sensation of the shaft lean needed during a distance wedge, I just have an alignment stick stuck in the butt end of the golf club.

All I’m going to do is set up here at a dress where I’ve got a little bit of shaft lean obviously, the sticks running up my ribcage, but from here, all I’m gonna do is try to use the rotation of my pivot to keep the club through impact, but I’m going to maintain the shaft lean, just by rotating my body.

As you can see, the lead arm is still in line with the club. I haven’t had any independent flip and the stick hasn’t hit me. So down the line, as I work around the corner, you’re gonna see the stick working up and around.

This is great feedback to stop you from actually flipping the club. If you feel the stick hit you in the side, invariably, you’ve lost your shaft lean you’re delivering more loft. That’s going to make it more challenging to have a consistent distance wage.

The reason we want this shaft lean is so we can get that lower launch and we can control the clubface to have a very predictable shot pattern.