Defining Consistency In Your Golf Game

Tim Conaway

Tim Conaway

Owner & Director of Instruction, Conaway Golf Academy

Most people think of consistency as wanting to make the proper swing every time, hit the ball solidly every time, or hit the ball straight every time. The problem with that line of thinking is that they are defining consistency based on a result they’re not in control of.

In order for us to have any chance of having success with every shot, we need to develop consistency in our preparation and our process. That is how we define consistency in this game.

We need to make sure that we’re going through every step consistently every time before we hit a golf ball. That includes accounting for all the observations such as environmental or air concerns that could affect the shot, the decision making, the physical preparation, and then the common relaxation before we execute the shot.

If you focus on a process-based execution, you can rely on that process to deliver a quality result and therefore you’re not going to try to control something that can’t be controlled and you’re going to get a better result.