How To Hit The Ball Out Of Deep Rough

Gary Gilchrist

Gary Gilchrist

Head Coach, Golf Digest Top 50 in America, Golf Magazine Top 100 in America

Okay Matt, here we are in Bermuda rough in the ball’s fallen deep down inside. A lot of times when you go to tournaments or when amateurs play, sometimes you can’t use a club that has less loft, because it won’t come out at all.

I played in tournaments where I had to hit a sand wedge back on the fairway. But here, we’re going to start with the eight iron and I want you to take your address position, and you’re gonna see we’re going to put the ball further back in your stance. And you don’t want to make a full swing, you want to have your weight slightly left, so you come in a descending blow and swing through.

And you only want to hit the ball a certain distance because the harder you hit it out of the rough, the more things can go wrong. So make a nice smooth swing back, through.

So you can see right away that wasn’t easy to get the ball out. Okay. So now this go to a six iron, do the same thing.

So now I want you to open the face slightly. So make it into an eight iron and feel the same thing. Three-quarter swing back and through.

So when you’re using these clubs, again, if you’re going to take less loft, you need to open the face to allow it but you never want to make a full swing. You only want to make a three quarter swing and brush the grass and let the grass lift the ball out into the air.

And with you out there. You can see it doesn’t try to hit the ball hard, nice three quarter swing, brushing the grass, letting the grass lift the ball out. So go out there, try it with an eight iron and then go to a six iron and find that club that you will get you just back on the fairway.

You don’t have to hit the ball far, but you need to hit it straight back into play. So work on the shot, build some confidence and you’re going to be one of the best recovery players in golf.