How To Hit The Low, Spinning Pitch Shot

Jason Sutton

Jason Sutton

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, #1 in North Carolina by Golf Digest

Everyone wants to be able to hit that low, spinning wedge like the pros where it takes a few bounces and checks up. A lot of amateur golfers believe some myths about how they think they create spin and how they think you should hit this shot.

Hitting a 45-50-yard shot with my 60° wedge, there a couple of keys to keep in mind. Most importantly, you are not trying to hit down on the golf ball; if anything, you want to make the handle of the golf club go up as the clubhead goes down, which creates a shallow bottom of the swing giving you a contact point low on the face. This low contact causes the ball to launch lower and spin more. 

Keeping your stance relatively narrow and getting your pressure into your lead foot and more specifically, your lead heel, you’ll be able to better rotate your body and push up through contact.