How To Play A Full Shot With Dew On The Ball

Jonathan Yarwood

Jonathan Yarwood

Golf Magazine Top 100, UK PGA Master Professional, Golf Digest Best in South Carolina

If you often play early in the morning, depending on the course you’re playing, you’ll likely have to contend with some dew on the ground and on your ball.

If you bottom the club out early, you’ll see the water act as a barrier between the club and the ball, which will reduce the spin and you’ll end up with a poor result.

You need to build in something that allows you to hit the ball constructively and effectively, getting the angle of attack down and get the low point in front of the ball.

Move the ball back in your stance slightly, put a little more weight on your front foot, take a three-quarter backswing and feel like you’re really spinning your body. Those adjustments will help promote the steeper motion allowing you to get out on the right foot.