How To Play Chips From An Uphill Lie

Stan Utley

Stan Utley

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Digest Top 50 in America

So here we face an uphill lie shot. We’ve got a little bit of green to work with, but to play this shot, a lot of people have been taught to lean with slope, but I tend to always lean into the shot no matter whether the slope is uphill or downhill.

So when I get over this shot, I want to have my left knee bent, my right is kind of tall, and I’m trying to still keep my head left of the ball. My swing itself is going to pick up with my wrist and my elbow, and I’m literally just going to pinch my club into the ground and squeeze the ball and let the ball pitch up the hill.

Now, I’m not overly worried about getting it in the air, because in addition to my club being 58 degrees of loft, my hill’s probably 35 or 40 degrees of loft, so I can lean in and it still goes up the hill.

Realize I didn’t follow through at all. I simply release the club into the hill, pinch the ball and let the face of the club knock it up the hill.