Learn To Flight Your Wedges Like A Pro

Jason Baile

Jason Baile

Director of Instruction, Jupiter Hills Club; Golf Magazine Top 100; Golf Digest Best in Florida

Hi, I’m Jason Baile, Director of Instruction here at Jupiter Hills. I’ve got Davis Lamb with me, and we’re going to talk a little bit about flighting wedges.

So on a normal full shot, Davis’ 58° carries about 95 yards and we’re going to make some slight adjustments in order to lower the ball flight. So Davis if you’ll step in there and hit a full 58° for me.

We’re going to let TrackMan take a look here. And so the launch angle for that wedge was 33°. When we flight these balls down, we want to get that under 30°. So we’re going to make a slight adjustment here.

Davis, go ahead and take your normal setup. We’re going to choke down about a quarter inch on the club.

We’re going to slide the ball back about a half a ball, and I want you to add a little pressure to the left side. All right, make your normal golf swing here.

So when we take a look at that, TrackMan’s got us at, final measurement, 27.5°, so we brought the launch down without changing too much of the distance.

So all we did was grip down about a quarter-inch, slide the ball back about a half a ball, put a little bit more pressure to the left side, which moves the center. Now the golf club comes in with a little less loft, still doesn’t dig through the turf too much and we can get that ball to launch a little lower, sometimes even spinning a little bit more from there.

So if you want to flight your wedges better, ball slightly back but not buried. Whenever you move the ball back, adjust your length of the club to match that a little bit, a little pressure to the left and then it’s your normal swing from there. Less loft will come in, we’ll flight the ball a little lower.