Lower Body Sequence

Chad Phillips

Chad Phillips

Golf Digest Best in Georgia, Top Junior Coach, Director of Instruction - Pinetree Country Club

The sequencing of the lower body is an important factor as it relates to efficiency and vertical forces. Throughout the golf swing, we are rotating, moving laterally, and applying vertical pressure. However, just doing those movements alone without the proper sequence could hinder your swing. The average pelvis on the PGA tour moves 4.5 inches towards the target. The best players in the world are moving laterally towards the target much sooner and more than the average amateur. The best way to reference the sequence is to look at how a baseball pitcher would throw a pitch. A pitcher will move laterally then start to apply vertical force as the lead leg plants into the ground, which creates optimal rotational velocity – much like a golf swing. Understanding the sequence of the lower body can better help the functionality of the overall swing.

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