Make Perfect Contact From Tight Lies

Gary Gilchrist

Gary Gilchrist

Head Coach, Golf Digest Top 50 in America, Golf Magazine Top 100 in America

When you get a tight line out there, and you want to hit a soft shot, you want to make sure you take the club a little bit more outside the line, so you feel like you’re cutting the ball.

That’s going to allow the bounce to just brush through. And then if you want to hit the ball further, just a little bit of a longer swing.

So watch me here. Open the face, take it out and swing through.

Now you don’t have to worry about these tight lines because of the face is coming a little bit more open. Now I’m going to hit one more to the flag.

So now higher, softer kind of a shot. But start when you practice with these shots, especially off tight lies, the shorter the better. So you can see here stand more open, face open, ball slightly back.

Little lob shot, hold it through, so you get a feeling of brushing the ground.

Make sure number one: open the face. Number two: ball back, stand more open, and feel you take it out to in, out to in.

You watch this on the PGA Tour all the time. And now you really can, when you go through, hold this angle so you don’t break down.

As soon as you break down, the face closes and that’s when you thin the ball. Use your face, use the bounce, and you’re gonna get way better results. So have fun, enjoy and improve.