Phil’s Incredible Mega-Flop At TPC Boston

Aaron Ungvarsky

Aaron Ungvarsky

PGA of America Professional, SwingU Instructor

Phil Mickelson returns to TPC Boston this week for the Dell Technologies Championship, formerly the Deutsche Bank Championship, site of his 2007 FedEx Cup Playoff victory.

While the win in 2007 was memorable, a shot from two years ago is quintessential Phil and will be shown many times this coming weekend on the television broadcasts. Going long on the par-5 18th hole in two during the 2016 edition of the DBC, Phil unleashed one of his greatest flop shots ever. 

Swing-U instructor Aaron Ungvarsky explains how you, when faced with an uphill lie to a short-sided green, can pull off a similar shot.

The Setup

  • This is a perfect shot from inside of 50 yards all the way to the edge of green — or even on it if you need to skirt the green from jutting fringe or if you have to play over a mound. Start by selecting your most lofted wedge and taking a neutral or weak grip.
  • Next, position the ball in front of center. The further forward you play the ball, the higher and softer the shot will be.
  • Position your feet, hips and shoulders so that they are aligned 5-10 yards left of the target and completely open the face of the wedge so that the back of the club is almost resting on the grass. The more open the stance the higher and shorter the shot will be, so practice to determine how you best execute the shot by varying your stance.

The Swing

  • You can not hinge enough on this shot. Set the wrists by hinging them as the club starts to move away from the ball on the backswing. When the left arm is parallel to the ground, you should have hinged fully and have the shaft pointing towards the sky.
  • The path of this shot is important. Remember we set our stance open to the target. Because of this, we will be swinging on an out-to-in path, cutting across and under the ball. Think about cutting the legs out from under it.
  • Finally, swing into impact will near full force, and depending on the lie and distance, you may need full force.

NOTE: the more aggressive the swing the higher the ball will travel. Just watch Phil.