Practice Sand Shots Like Seve

Ben Pellicani

Ben Pellicani

Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, Golf Digest Best in Tennessee, 2019 Middle Tennessee PGA Teacher of the Year

Seve Ballesteros is known by most to be the best bunker player and part of the reason is because of how he grew up. His brothers gave him a cut down 3 iron and he lived on the coast of Spain, so he learned how to hit high soft shots using just a 3 iron.

Here I have an old 3 iron and I’m going to show you how just understanding how to get a high soft shot with a 3 iron can help you with your bunker play. If I’m sitting in this bunker and I need to hit this 3 iron up in the air, the first thing I need to do is create loft. I can do that by opening up the club but I’m going to need even more loft so I’m going to go ahead and drop my handle. Anytime I drop that handle I’m going to add more loft. The second thing is I have to figure out how to swing this club in create enough speed. If I try to use my shoulders too much, the ball is going to come out too low. I have to use my hands and wrists.

So if I was going to do this with just a 3 iron, I get my face open, I drop, the handle, and I use my wrists just like Seve Ballesteros learned when he was growing up on the coast of Spain.