Putting 1.0 Intro

The Nick Starchuk Golf APP is live on the App Store and the first series of video is the PUTTING 1.0 which is an overview of some of the fundamentals of putting. What you won’t find is anything about Grip, Stance, Posture, and Ball Position because those are not fundamental to all the best players. What you will find are keys and tests to see how you aim, how you generate speed, and how you process and plan out your putt within your routine. There is a video on how to get fit for your putter, which isn’t about choosing from the options available in the golf store but selecting the putter that looks and feels right to you. I will be following up with PUTTING 2.0 on May 1 that will cover green reading options. Did you know there are 4 very unique ways to read the green and none of them are by kneeling down behind the ball and guessing? 2.0 will also cover drills and games to improve your performance as well as some case studies using Capto – the golf industry’s best device to measure what the golfer is doing to the club and resulting ball roll. These case studies will also cover some of the things I see on a day to day basis such as launching the ball into the ground, poor club speed generating which is the leading cause of missing your intended line, and a video on statistics to help shape your expectations on putts. I hope you find this intriguing and inspiring so that you spend a little more time rolling those practice putts.