Quick Stretch For The First Tee

Jonathan Yarwood

Jonathan Yarwood

Golf Magazine Top 100, UK PGA Master Professional, Golf Digest Best in South Carolina

Here is a great way to warm up and get activated at the first tee when you can’t get a proper warm-up in.

First, start with some dynamic movements, like some deep squats. Once warmed up, lean on your club and move your pelvis, moving your belt buckle up and down. Lean on your club and move your ankles, and then your legs, in circular movements. Rotate your leg behind you and rotate your hips. It’s really important to get everything moving.

Moving onto your upper body, put your arm out in front of you, one leg across the other one, hook your arm behind, and start to stretch your obliques and your shoulders. Next, take your club in one hand and get a window wiper movement going to get your wrists moving. Don’t forget your neck and your head! Bring your head up and down, make some little circle and semicircle.

This will really get your whole body warmed up, stretched, and ready to go when you can’t warm up.