Quit Chunking Your Chips And Pitches

Jim McLean

Jim McLean

Top-3 Instructor in America for 25 Years, Author of 14 Books, Teacher to Major Champions on All Tours

If you’re struggling with your pitch shots and can’t hit them up in the air, having a lot of trouble getting loft on the club, and getting stuck in the ground, one of the absolute greatest things you can do is hit a bunch of chips or pitches with your right arm only.

The fact that your right arm is on the right side of your body allows the club to shallow out sooner so if your steep on your chipping or you’re pitching and you chunk a lot of them, this is a great way to pitch.

Take a 60-degree sand wedge and just let the club fall. Make sure it’s just like you’re taking your right hand and pitching to the hole. It’s just like a right arm toss to the hole.

This drill will help you get the ball up in the air and hit some real soft shots.