Simple Drill To Keep You Swinging On The Target Line

Jason Sutton

Jason Sutton

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, #1 in North Carolina by Golf Digest

Here’s another great drill for your takeaway.  Understanding that the golf club needs to work in and up and be balanced with the target line is a very important concept.

Two dowl rods are necessary for this drill. One going to be on the target line on the ground and the other one will be placed on your golf club. Take your grip and place it on the left hip as you set up to the ball. Take the club back, imagining that you’ve got a laser shooting out the end of your golf club pointing at the target line. We’re going to take the clubhead out on the target line, and when the club flips upside down, the bottom of this dowl rod will be, at worst, pointing at the target line but preferably slightly inside the target line or maybe in between your feet and the rod on the ground.

This drill gives you a nice reference of where the butt of the golf club is, how balanced the shaft is, and then where that shape is coming in relation to the target line.