Stop Leaving Shots In The Bunker

Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore

Professional Golfer, 2006 NCAA Individual Champion, Oklahoma State Univ. Golf Strength & Conditioning Coach

Here is a hybrid drill to help you get out of the sand. It’s kind of a hybrid of what Gary Player used to say – the ball is the matchbox and the club is the match. You have to strike the matchbox if you wanted to get the fire. He often encouraged people to be aggressive, swing through, and light the match.

In the other part of the hybrid drill, Frank Nobilo talked about thinking about the sand traveling the distance that you need your ball to carry. So, imagine I have to make my ball carry 30 feet to get out of this bunker and onto the green; think about what Gary said – I need to accelerate that ball that or that club past the ball and I’m going to think about sending that sand 30 feet.

Be aggressive, swing through, light the match, and stop leaving those shots in the bunker.