Stretch To Get A Bigger Shoulder Turn

Alright so let’s get some mobility in those lats and shoulders to help you turn better. What you’re going to do is go down on your knees, you’re going to try and get your butt as close to your heels as you can, you’re going to put your arms over your head, and you’re going to just drop your heels down as far as you can go pushing your arms out and then your chest towards the ground. Then you’re going to drop your head down and breathe. We’re going to do two big breaths.

The next thing we’re going to do is keep your left hand where it’s at and take your right hand and put it on top of your left, and then lean just ever so slightly into that right side and you’ll feel a big stretch. Hold it again two deep breaths, then we’re going to do the same thing and put the right hand straight out left hand over the top drop your butt down to your heels, slight push to the left, hold that for two breaths

The other stretch we’re going to do is in the same position you were just in, left arm straight out or right arm straight out, and then take this left arm reach, through as far as you can go, and drop your left shoulder towards the mat or the ground. Hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds and then repeat on the other side.