Striving to Improve!

I have always been fascinated by what separates the achievers at every level of this game or any sport or chosen profession. Let’s face it, in any area whether it is sports or any other occupation some happen to have a knack for it or simply learn faster than others. I see this every day helping golfers of all ages and skill levels trying to get better. As I see it, my #1 priority is to give every student an honest assessment and roadmap. Part of my coaching philosophy is to help everyone better understand how important a strong mental approach is.

Golf has many components to work on and improve other than swing tips. I would like to share in this article traits that Dr Debra Graham has researched. Dr Graham is a licensed counseling psychologist specializing in golf performance. Her clients have included over 380 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions tours throughout her career. Below are eight character traits that multiple tour winners have in common.

1. Able to narrowly focus when needed
2. Able to abstract think and adopt to changing situations
3. Emotional stability
4. A tendency toward dominance
5. Tough – minded
6. More self – assured
7. Able to be self- sufficient on the course
8. Able to regulate tension levels

Obviously these 8 traits did not develop over night but hopefully this will give you a small insight into one part of striving to improve! In my opinion one key to improving in anything is to be open minded and seek better ways. You must ask “why” are you not getting to that next level in your game. Why am I missing shots or why do I not perform better under pressure? If you are able to hit decent shots on the range or casual round with your friends but not in competition try developing a tougher mindset and you might surprise yourself!

Enjoy The Challenge!