Take Dead Aim With Perfect Alignment

Jason Baile

Jason Baile

Director of Instruction, Jupiter Hills Club; Golf Magazine Top 100; Golf Digest Best in Florida

Hi, I’m Jason Baile, Director of Instruction here at Jupiter Hills Club. Today we’re going to talk about alignment at address, a very misunderstood thing.

If you’ve played with some players that are out there doing this all the time and checking their feet, one of the problems is they’re not paying attention to their upper body.

If you make sure that you understand what tilts and bends are in a good address position, then you can really set those with your upper body and your feet will follow.

We know we have flexion at address, we have a little bit of right bend at address and we also have a little left rotation of the ribcage, all three of those things go into a great upper body.

If I walk in knowing that I need all three of those things in and I place them in first, so as I step in right foot, I feel my ribcage slightly to the left, my right hands lower on the golf club, so I have a little bit of right bend here at address, and I’m also going to bow into the golf ball.

Once I’ve set that, and I take my eyes back to the target, and just simply let my feet fall right underneath that, you’ll see how they walk in and find themselves aligned to the target line perfectly.

Just understanding that you need flexion, slight right bend, slight left rotation, putting all of those in to begin with, with a bow to the ball, eyes on the target, and then let your feet find their way underneath that upper body, you will align yourself wonderfully to the target each time.