Take The Terror Out Of Bunker Shots

Rob Strano

Rob Strano

Director - Strano Golf Academy, Host - Golf Kingdom TV Show

Here’s one that will get you nervous – when we have water on the other side of a bunker shot. We tend to worry about hitting the ball first and blending it off into the lake, so we do the opposite of that. We don’t ever finish the shot and we leave the ball in the bunker.

I want you to complete the follow-through and see what happens. The other thing is to finish it and take sand. Hit it out of the bunker, even if you catch it a little heavy, be aggressive, hit some sand, and finish. Complete the front side of the shot and the ball will go out.

The two keys to this bunker shot are to complete the front side of the swing and make sure you catch sand if you’re a little worried about the thin one. This will take the terror out of this shot if there’s water on the other side of the green.