Test Your Shoulder Flexibility

Let’s talk about lat mobility. The lat is the big muscle on the side of the back. Let’s test to see if your shoulders and lats are good enough for a full backswing.

You’re going to stand against the wall with your feet about 6 inches away, the important thing here is you want to keep your back and head against the wall, we’re going to take a club in your thumbs, you’re going to make sure that your arms go straight out, lift your arms up as high as you can, keep them straight as you can, and try and touch your thumb to the wall. Keeping both arms as straight as you can is the most important thing. You might feel that your lower back wants to come off the wall to arch but we don’t want that to happen. If you can’t get to 180 degrees range of motion all the way up, then it could be limiting that left arm in your backswing for a right-handed golfer and that right arm when you finish through. If that’s breaking down it could be because that lat is tight.