The Basics Of Wrist Angles In Your Full Swing

Jon Tattersall

Jon Tattersall

Golf Magazine Top 100, Golf Digest Best in Georgia, 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year

When we are swinging the golf club, the left forearm, for right-handed players, is tilted inwards and your wrist is tilted to the right. Both wrists should be extended or hinged when holding the golf club.

In the golf swing, your wrists are transferring energy and not doing much of the actual work. When you are in the setup, the left wrist doesn’t look hinged, but as you rotate, you’re forearms during the backswing, the wrists will look even more hinged. There should be more rotating of your forearms than hinging in your wrists and there should be more rotation of the forearms back and through than there should be extending of the wrists.

Your wrists can look deceiving but there should be very little changing during your full golf swing.