The Misconception About Grip Pressure

Jon Tattersall

Jon Tattersall

Golf Magazine Top 100, Golf Digest Best in Georgia, 2014 Georgia Teacher of the Year

Not worrying about the way you grip the club, but instead concentrating on the pressure with which you grip it is incredibly important. Elite players are swinging a club around their body over 100 miles per hour, which creates a lot of pulling forces away from the body meaning the club must be held firmly.

You have likely heard a Tour player talk about gripping the club lightly, but the average person doesn’t have the grip strength built up over years of practicing and playing that a Tour pro has. On a scale of 1 to 10, you should feel like you’re a lot closer to the top of that range than the bottom. 

The test is whether or not you can grip the club firmly and move it around you while maintaining the feeling of soft shoulders throughout the swing. A Tour player’s light grip is likely much stronger than even they realize.