The Secret To Getting Out Of A Plugged Lie

Chris Mayson

Chris Mayson

PGA / LPGA Tour Coach, Golf Digest Best in California, Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America

The plugged bunker can be a really daunting thing for a lot of players, but it doesn’t have to be that daunting. You really just want to get it out and then once you get good at getting it out, then you can work on the touch of getting it close. Here’s a specialty shot that’s going to help you get out.

It’s actually closing the clubface. You close the clubface about 45 degrees, but you grip it very very lightly. What that does is create a club that comes in, the toe hits and actually sits and twists, so it creates the circular divot that throws the club out because it’s so soft in your hands. You just leave it there, the club kind of stabs, and then throws the ball out.

At address, turn your left toe out, pushing some pressure into your left quad that will steepen your spine angle which will steepen the club on the backswing. You’ll almost feel like you’re lifting the club up and then just dropping it in the sand. The toe is going to hit and twist and throw the sand out and the ball is going to be in there too, but it has to be very very light with your hands. Once you get comfortable with the technique, then you can work on your touch.