Three Keys To Never Missing Short Putts

Rob Strano

Rob Strano

Director - Strano Golf Academy, Host - Golf Kingdom TV Show

Here are three keys to help you make more short putts on the golf course.

The number one key is mental. We’re going to be focused on how you’ve made a million putts from this length, this is just going to be a million and one and knock it right in.

The second thing to keep in mind, these short putts don’t require a very big stroke so focus on keeping the putter face very still and taking a very short backswing and a nice compact follow through. Try to keep your pace equal and just trying to keep it short back and short through.

The last thing to keep in mind is this: most times these short putts are on pretty flat parts of the green therefore you shouldn’t aim outside the hole. You can always aim it to the edge or center if you’re not sure about the break.