Three Ways To Fix Your Pull

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine & Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers

To neutralize your plus impact pull, create a more minus impact. In your downswing, slide your hip and tilt your shoulders to the right. This will help your head stay behind the ball and stop you from turning in your downswing.

Another trick is to start swinging your arms and club down more in to out, bringing the handle of the club down close to your right pocket and then swing it outward. To achieve this, you can make a bigger turn with your hips and shoulders which will let your arms and club come closer to the inside. Another way to achieve this is to flatten your swing in the backswing to get the club to come from the inside. Once you hit impact and follow-through, don’t turn your body to the left, just let your arms go past your body.

The last tip is to put your body into a ‘K’ position and close your shoulders, pointing them to the right of the ball.

These three different tips can help you to neutralize the plus impact causing the pull.