Tilt And Turn Through Your Swing

Ben Pellicani

Ben Pellicani

Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, Golf Digest Best in Tennessee, 2019 Middle Tennessee PGA Teacher of the Year

Here’s how to tilt and turn both taking the club away and through the golf ball using a wedge between your arms and a plane board.

The first thing you want to do on the plane board is make sure you aren’t standing up out of your posture as you slide your club up the plane board. This causes the wedge to be parallel to the ground.

A good exaggeration feeling for you is the feeling of the wedge matching the board as it goes away. On the backside of your golf swing, this wedge concept again can be very useful. Many golfers like to come over the top or use their right shoulder too much so try to match the exit of the wedge and the plane board together. This will help you understand how to tilt and turn through the golf ball.