What The Longest Drivers Have In Common

Chad Phillips

Chad Phillips

Golf Digest Best in Georgia, Top Junior Coach, Director of Instruction - Pinetree Country Club

Are you looking to increase your clubhead speed and hit your drives further? One of the commonalities we see amongst the longest hitters in the world, such as Dustin Johnson, is the height of their hands at the top of their swing, the width of the hand path, and the function of the right arm.

I have a drill that’s going to help you feel that position at the top and the function of the right arm. As the club starts back, the right arm is going to fold down, I have a split handgrip, and as I’m making my backswing, I’m going to make sure I feel some width. I’m restricting how much this right arm is going to fall down and I’m going to feel that position. I’ll do that a couple of times then I’m going to make a practice swing. I’m going to use short-term memory and I’m trying to feel the same thing in that golf swing that I felt in my drill. Then I’m going to go ahead and hit one.

To summarize, I’m working through a drill swing, a practice swing, and a rehearsal that feels like that drill, and then I’m hitting the golf ball that feels like the practice swing. Do this on the range then take it on the course and infuse this into your pre-shot routine.