A Comprehensive Guide to Golf Round Expenses

  • Golf round costs vary based on course type, location, and time of day/season, with green fees being the primary expense.
  • Public courses offer the most affordable options, while private and resort courses come with higher fees and additional amenities.
  • Average golf round rates range from $20-$50 for public courses, $50-$100 for semi-private, and $100-$300+ for private and resort courses.
  • Strategies to reduce costs include seeking deals, playing public courses, walking, sharing expenses, and packing your own food and drinks.

Novice golfers are faced with a question: what does it actually cost to play golf? While the image of golf as an exclusive sport persists, there are options for every budget. Let’s explore the data behind typical golf round costs, accounting for all the factors that influence price. We’ll also look at some strategies for how to keep golf round prices from breaking the bank.

Golf round costs: a primer

  • Green fees: These are the primary cost, covering access to the course and basic amenities like practice facilities. Prices vary wildly, depending on:
    • Course type: Public courses generally offer lower fees than private or resort courses, which often come with additional luxury amenities.
    • Location: Courses in high-demand areas tend to be more expensive, while rural courses might offer lower rates.
    • Time of day and season: Weekday mornings and off-season rounds are typically cheaper than weekend afternoons and peak-season play.
  • Cart fees: Most courses charge extra for riding a cart, with options for walking or sharing costs among players to save money.
  • Additional expenses: Consider potential costs for rentals (clubs, shoes), range balls, food and drinks and gratuities for on-course staff members.

Average golf round rates:

  • Public courses: Expect green fees ranging from $20-$50 for 18 holes, with cart fees often adding $10-$20.
  • Semi-private courses: These offer memberships or daily fees in the $50-$100 range, typically including cart fees and practice range access.
  • Private courses: Membership fees can reach thousands annually, with daily green fees sometimes exceeding $100-$200, which includes cart and amenities.
  • Resort courses: Expect premium pricing, with fees reaching $150-$300+ for deluxe experiences and luxury amenities.

Strategies for reducing golf round costs:

  • Seek deals and promotions: Many courses offer discounts for seniors, juniors, twilight rounds and online bookings.
  • Consider public courses: While amenities might be simpler, public courses often provide excellent value and enjoyable playing experiences.
  • Walk the course: Walking saves on cart fees and provides exercise, although longer distances might not be suitable for everyone.
  • Share expenses: Play with friends and split rental costs if necessary.
  • Pack your own food and drinks: Many courses allow outside food and beverages, saving on concession costs.

Golf is an investment in your well-being, offering exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation. Research course options, prioritize affordability and embrace the game at a price point that works for you. With a little planning, you can find ways to experience the joy of the game without incurring pricy golf round costs.