The Ultimate Guide to the Best Golf Apps in 2024

  • Golf GPS apps like SwingU, Golfshot, Arccos Caddie, and The Grint provide detailed course maps, accurate yardages, and personalized coaching tips.
  • Golf swing analysis apps such as V1 Golf, Golf Fix, and Blast Golf use AI-powered coaching to analyze swings, identify flaws, and provide drills for improvement.
  • Golf scorecard apps, including Hole19, Golf Logix, and ShotScope V3, offer score tracking, stat analysis, and performance insights.
  • When choosing a golf app, consider priorities like GPS and yardage, swing analysis, scorecard and stats, and budget.

The digital age has ushered in a wave of golf apps, transforming your smartphone into a caddie, coach and stat tracker all rolled into one. Let’s explore some of the best golf apps currently available, helping you choose the perfect on-course companion to take your game to the next level.

Golf GPS apps:

  • SwingU: Take the guesswork out of club selection with detailed GPS maps for every course, benefit from AI-powered yardages that account for wind speed and track strokes gained statistics to formulate a personalized practice plan like the pros. SwingU also has a library of instructional videos from some of the top-rated coaches in the world.
  • Golfshot: Boasting detailed course maps, accurate yardages and 3D flyovers, Golfshot is another great option for GPS guidance. Track scores, share rounds with friends and enjoy premium features like swing analysis and stat tracking.
  • Arccos Caddie: Powered by smart sensors, Arccos captures swing data for in-depth analysis and personalized coaching tips. This data-driven gem also offers GPS yardages and advanced stat tracking for serious players.
  • The Grint: Combining GPS features with a social platform, The Grint fosters community spirit. Track handicaps, participate in challenges and enjoy detailed course insights shared by fellow players.

Golf swing analysis apps:

  • V1 Golf: Elevate your swing mechanics with V1 Golf’s AI-powered coaching. Record your swing, compare it to pro swings and receive personalized feedback to identify and fix flaws.
  • Golf Fix: Another golf swing analysis app with AI integration, Golf Fix helps you pinpoint over 40 common swing faults for amateurs in 10 seconds or less. AI coaching also helps you find the perfect drill or drills to implement lasting and effective swing changes. 
  • Blast Golf: Attach the Blast Golf sensor to your club for instant feedback on swing speed, tempo and impact location. Analyze data, compare to pro averages and receive drills to improve your swing mechanics.

Golf scorecard apps:

  • Hole19: This free app offers GPS yardages, score tracking and detailed course information. Add notes, photos and share your round with friends. Upgrade for advanced features like swing analysis and club performance tracking.
  • Golf Logix: Primarily focused on yardages and course management, Golf Logix boasts detailed green maps, wind adjustments and hazard information. Analyze your game with stat tracking and compare performance with previous rounds.
  • ShotScope V3: Featuring GPS, score tracking and advanced stat tracking, ShotScope V3 uses smart tags to pinpoint every shot’s location and distance. Gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses with detailed shot analysis.

Choosing your perfect golf app:

With so many options, consider which of these features are the top priority in your game:

  • GPS and yardage: Prioritize features like detailed course maps, accurate yardages and 3D flyovers.
  • Swing analysis: Opt for apps with swing capture, AI-powered feedback and personalized coaching tips.
  • Scorecard and stats: Choose apps with easy score tracking, detailed stat analysis and performance insights.
  • Budget: “Freemium” models offer basic features, while premium subscriptions unlock advanced functionalities.

It’s important to note that while apps are powerful tools, they shouldn’t replace real-life learning and enjoyment. Use golf apps to enhance your game, track progress and connect with the golf community.