Callaway Golf Reports $3.1 Billion In Sales With Over $1 Billion From Topgolf

All this talk about golf being Covid-proof has been backed up by National Golf Foundation reports and most recently, the year-end Callaway Golf financials report. 

The Carlsbad-based OEM reported some staggering numbers highlighted by a billion-dollar year from Topgolf and another $1.2 billion coming from equipment sales.

  • Callaway’s 2021 full-year sales were over $3.1 billion, nearly double 2020 and up 82% over 2019. 
  • On the $3.1 billion in revenue, Callaway made a $322 million profit.

Topgolf is Callaway’s MVP, but equipment sales were up 26% as well

Callaway’s October 2020 acquisition of the remaining 86% of Topgolf Entertainment seems to have paid immediate dividends for Callaway. With the merger made official on March 8, 2021, that means Topgolf pulled in over a billion dollars in under 10 months.

“The combination of Topgolf and Callaway early in the year was transformational,” said Callaway CEO Chip Brewer in a statement. “We have been thrilled by the strong revenue growth and profitability, with both exceeding our initial expectations.” 

The company projects 2022 revenues to reach $3.8 billion this year with more than $1.5 billion coming from a full year of Topgolf, which plans to open 10 to 11 new venues in 2022