Clip The Tee Drill

Jim McLean

Jim McLean

Top-3 Instructor in America for 25 Years, Author of 14 Books, Teacher to Major Champions on All Tours

Here’s a great drill to improve your contact with your chips and pitches. We’re going to start with putting a tee into the ground and we’re going to get it fairly low. We are going to progressively hit this tee lower and lower. We want to be hitting our chips and pitches where we’re just barely brushing the grass.

First, put the tee about a finger off the ground there and try to clip the teeth. This helps to work on controlling how deep you’re letting that club go down. Progressively move the tee a little bit lower with each hit until it is right on the ground.

Tour players use this drill to really fine-tune how deep they are letting that club go. Eventually, you can replace the tee with a ball and do the same thing.