Create A More Predictable And Repeatable Putting Stroke

Ben Pellicani

Ben Pellicani

Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America, Golf Digest Best in Tennessee, 2019 Middle Tennessee PGA Teacher of the Year

When we put we want to have what’s called a suspension point, or point in which at any point in the putting stroke we could send a line right up the shaft and all meet in the same spot. This is a way of putting in a more predictable fashion. A good way to practice that is just with an alignment stick.

This drill is not about precision as much as it about creating a feeling of a common suspension point. If you find yourself with a suspension point that’s a little lower or a little higher, that’s okay. The length of the stick is not as important as the feels you get with this drill.

Go ahead and take your alignment stick, get set up, and line up the middle of your clubface. You’ll notice there’s a relationship between your shaft and the putter. You want to maintain that relationship throughout the stroke, meaning you have a common suspension point. The more common your suspension point and the more you can do that, the more predictable your putting stroke will be.