Easily Promote Your App With A QR Code

QR codes have been gaining popularity as a hands-free way to share information. They are used everywhere from restaurants to classrooms and have countless benefits. Creating a QR code for your instruction app is a great way to promote downloads and reach your audience in the physical world. Simply ask your CSM to create a code for you and put it in high-traffic areas around your facility!

One benefit of using a QR code is it allows you to target a specific audience. Placing your code around your golf course or facility will help people specifically interested in the game of golf to become aware of your app. When they scan the code using their smartphone, it will direct them to your website or app store, making downloads easy for them.  Another benefit of QR codes is the low cost and minimal environmental impact. This is a “one and done” type of marketing, and you will not have to continually replace them, unlike other forms of physical promotion such as pamphlets.

It is important to strategically place QR codes in high-traffic areas where the majority of your target audience will see them.  You can place them near the scorecards at the front desk of your course, or be creative and place them on a specific hole that people struggle with. Below is a list of ideas that will capture the attention of your target audience:

Ideas for QR code placement:

  • In the clubhouse
  • In golf carts
  • On your business card
  • Near the driving range
  • On the starter podium 
  • Bag tags
  • In hotel rooms (if the facility is resort-style)
  • Locker room board