Hit Bomb Draws With Your Driver

Jason Baile

Jason Baile

Director of Instruction, Jupiter Hills Club; Golf Magazine Top 100; Golf Digest Best in Florida

Hi, I’m Jason Baile, Director of Instruction here at Jupiter Hills Club. And we’re going to talk a little bit about the bomb draw.

If you’ve had trouble in the past with slices and pulls, part of that problem is that the upper body wants to lead the downswing and open up too quickly forcing the club path to the left and the attack angle down.

We’re gonna let Davis show you his version of the bomb draw and one key component of that is how patient Davis is going to be from the top of his swing, allowing his upper body to stay back in his arms to get in position so the path can move out to the right and the attack angle up.

Davis, take your normal setup. And let’s just drop your right foot back just a little bit. So the baseline is going to shift to the right. When the baseline shifts to the right, I’m also going to push his left hip a little higher, so the left hips higher center of him is now further back. This will increase the attack angle.

When Davis gets to the top — take it all the way to the top. We’re going to ask him to be patient with his upper body and allow his arms to fall from the inside. That’ll get the path moving to the right we should get a bomb draw out of this.

Nice, big high draw there. Club head speed went up a little bit from his normal and his attack angle even rose, which is huge for Davis.

So if you struggle with pulls and slices, and you want to turn them into bomb draws, let the baseline shift slightly to the right, which means just dropping your right foot back, left hips higher and be patient in the downswing with the torso allowing the arms to fall from the inside and draw that golf ball.