How The Best Players Get To Impact

Jason Sutton

Jason Sutton

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, #1 in North Carolina by Golf Digest

Let’s work on low point control. We want to make sure that we understand impact first and this is what I call impact fixed and marry that with a short, sort of punchy, follow through.

Push the handle slightly forward, right side crunch a little bit, forward bend towards the ground, and then open your torso a little bit to the left. Start here and take the club back to about waist high and then try to get there with some dynamic motion with the straight arm finish. Really feel like that lead wrist doesn’t go into extension so early.

The best way to start working on low point control and solid contact is with little waste high to waste high swings. Understanding impact, what it feels like to be there, and then starting to generate some dynamic motion from that is going to be the greatest way for you to get better ball striking.