Prepare To Perform In An Important Round

Chad Phillips

Chad Phillips

Golf Digest Best in Georgia, Top Junior Coach, Director of Instruction - Pinetree Country Club

Today we are going to focus on preparing for an important round. We’re going to change a few things from our normal practice of standing and just hitting balls and working on a particular motor pattern.

In this exercise, we are going to utilize our pre-shot routine. It’s going to be a series of three shots. I’m going to hit one of my driving clubs and we’re going to identify a fairway and we’re going to attempt to hit that fairway. Then we’re going to play a short iron to a specific target, and then we play something in the middle of the bag. The task will have a number of layers to it depending on your skill level.

The components of this are a full routine incorporating some of your swing fields and completing a task. Try to incorporate some of the shots you may be playing out on the golf course to get prepared to perform.