Stop Getting Steep With Your Irons

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

Jim Hardy & Chris O’Connell

SwingU Master Faculty, Golf Magazine & Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers

There are five corrections for your plus impact or your high steep. To get the ball in the air, you need more of a “V” motion with your swing, but for your high steep, you need to flatten out that “V”.

In the downswing, we want you to feel that your turn is fairly rounded and fairly level. That’ll let the club still get under the ball but it’s going to have the club moving more tangent to the ground. Another thing you can do in the backswing so that we don’t hit so far under the ball is to feel that the arms and club are swinging a little bit flatter to where that’s going to let me sweep the club along the ground, not dig underneath it. Another thing in the same segment in the backswing is the shorter I can make my swing and the wider I can make my swing, the lower I’ll hit the ball.

In the impact and follow-through, kind of keeping with the same theme, we want the through swing to be flatter and shorter. Finally, at address, the further I can stand from the ball, the more that would let me move the club along the ground and get rid of that “V” and start to flatten out that bottom.